What is it about with my South African challenge?

Have you ever heard about Peace Corps? Probably yes.
And have you ever heard about IBM Corporate Service Corps? Probably many of you not.

So, let’s start with basics – what is CSC?

The Corporate Service Corps was launched in 2008 to help communities around the world solve critical problems while providing IBM employees unique leadership development opportunities. By sending groups of 10 – 15 individuals from different countries for community-based assignments in emerging markets, the program has helped over 140,000 people since its inception.

This program is not about writing a check or digging wells (but of course this is a great way to help as well), but about using your skills and brains to deliver valuable solutions for emerging markets in accordance to their needs.
For more details I encourage you to visit the IBM Corporate Service Corps webpage.

My South African challenge

Our team of 15 IBMers is heading off to South Africa at March 3rd, 2017. We will be working on 3 different projects for the government client. Something that I haven’t had an opportunity to do before, so I am a little bit stressed, but also full of hope that with 4 other fellow IBMers we will be able to fulfill our obligations and deliver a product they will be satisfied with.

We will stay in South Africa for 4 weeks. Of course there is a lot of work ahead of us, but I am sure we will also have a great time there and we will come back to our homelands full of new energy, new experiences and knowledge. Eventually it is once in a life time opportunity! Looking forward to it!

#ibmcsc south africa


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